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Unique Collection

Unique is a stunning Collection of unglazed double and triple-loaded porcelain stoneware. It offers an endless number of concrete plates with incomparable raw touch and ultimate design. This exclusive Collection achieves the real identity of concrete through a very ingenious production process. It starts with the double-loading operation made with powder homogenization and hiper granulometry reduction, providing a grain diameter with less than 150μm. When producing UNIQUE [Be] and UNIQUE [Be Smart] a third loading is applied using GRT-Grain Repulsion Technology®. As a result, we get a very compact powder pressed by hydraulic isostatic vertical presses with more than 500 kgf/cm2. Pieces are then shaped through a high-speed mechanical process and fired in an extra long cycle at the temperature of 1230ºC. Automatic squaring and rectification operations are finally performed in all pieces to guarantee squareness, monocaliber and modularity.




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