We are FERI & MASI, a Portuguese company specialized in the manufacture of porcelain tiles with an outstanding know-how in unglazed double-loaded products. Our factory has 70.000 m2 area and an yearly production capacity of 2.500.000 m2, it is a factory prepared to tackle the most demanding challenges. 
As part of PAVIGRÉS GROUP since June 2018, FERI & MASI gains another dynamic that will strengthen our growth and expansion. We expect that all clients and suppliers will benefit from our inclusion in such an experienced and trustworthy group.


Embraced by excellent environmental conditions, our company lives side by side with the most noble feldspars and clays, which are the core of our products. We manufacture tiles that stand out for their extraordinary performance, almost no water absorption and superb mechanical resistance makes them the perfect solution even for high traffic applications.
Our products can be found in several key projects around the world: UP-SITE - the biggest European residential building - in Brussels, Riyadh Bank in Saudi Arabia, Vodafone shops in the Netherlands, Franprix supermarkets in France, HSBC Bank in Ireland, Marks & Spencer stores in the United Kingdom, The Marine Museum in S. Petersburg, RENFE railway stations in Spain, John Lennon International Airport in Liverpool, among many others.


PUREVER is the word we created to link the name of our two product catalogues: PURE and EVER. In the PURE catalogue we present two Architectural Collections, both offering completely unglazed porcelain tiles made by a unique double-loading process with hyper granulometric reduction. The PURE products are the nature in its purest state and are proudly made to bring us back to basics, back to the material.
The EVER catalogue includes seven collections, mostly composed by full-body porcelain tiles carefully developed and produced to meet the needs of real people. EVER products reflect our idea of aesthetics, comfort and balanced harmony in urban living. A change, from fashion to timelessness… EVER.